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    get to know me meme : 

    └ tv shows [6/8] battlestar galactica

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    Zoe Saldana: Sci-Fi Queen!

    But Also:

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    i am supremely pleased with this, it’s not even that these are my perfect fancasts for james and lily, but they’re a fuckload better than the movies, THEY DIED YOUNG, THAT WAS PART OF THE WHOLE TRAGEDY OF IT, THEY DIDN’T DIE IN THEIR EARLY FORTIES AFTER HAVING LIVED MOST OF THEIR WHOLE LIFE AND THEN FINALLY SETTLING DOWN TO HAVE A KID, oh no i made myself sad, but sigh, i have a lot of feelings about the marauders and lily (via laurellas)

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    I’m still on tumblr because I want to see if we’ll ever drop the bar lower than thinking we could have infinite chocolate, if you ate it in a certain way

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    This show is awesome

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